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Name:Kat Teller
Birthdate:Apr 9
Location:Charming, California, United States of America
* Is the twin sister of Jackson “Jax” Nathaniel Teller.
* Is the younger of the pair by twenty-two minutes.
* Never goes by her full name (Katherine Emmeline Teller); she is always Kat or Katy.
* Works doing custom paint work at the Automotive Repair shop; also occasionally works as a bartender on the weekends (something she has done since college).
* Has a long, long history of being in love with the wrong guy.
* Drives a restored 1966 mustang convertible (cherry red).
* Loves no one as much as she loves her brother (with the exception of, possibly, her nephews); will do almost anything Jax asks of her.

[Disclaimer: Muse is an OC in the SoA fandom. Both Mun and Muse are 21+. This blog may contain triggering material such as violence, drugs, sex, and mentions of abuse. Consider yourself warned. Also, none of this is real and the mun owns nothing.]
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